Tuesday 18th of June 2019
Website Hosting

Website Hosting


Goray.com is committed to providing our clients with dependable, state-of-the-art Web hosting backed by unparalleled customer support. By integrating customized hardware design, uninterruptible power supplies, daily backups, and extensive technical credentials, we ensure a steady and productive Linux Web hosting environment. Our support staff members average a decade of experience in technical education fields and are available to provide assistance seven days a week.

Goray.com offers both shared and dedicated Linux web hosting. All Web hosting accounts come with a static IP address, control panel, message boards, email accounts, database, Webmail, Web traffic statistics and much more. We support PHP, MySQL and most open source solutions.

Email Spam Filter Protection

Unwanted email has moved from being a nuisance to an escalating problem, logo-apache.gifespecially for businesses. Spam reduces employees' productivity, introduces potential legal liability, and can increase IT expense. Goray.com uses three layers of protection to detect and act on suspected spam. Learn more about our spam filtering solutions.